About us

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Hi, Both Heather (Yank) and I (Kiwi) worked most of our careers for Multinational Consumer goods companies. Myself for something like 47 years with Johnson & Johnson Heather for a little less with a combination of Freemans, Neutrogena and then Johnson & Johnson where we met. As one of our side adventurers we also managed to renovate a few houses in Palm Springs, California.

Sitting on the couch one day as these projects drew to a close. I happened to watch Martin Sheen in the movie “The Way” a story that has inspired many to start walking the Camino. I ended up watching it a few times and each time it seemed more likely that walking the Camino de Santiago might just be a great idea.


OK truth be told it was more I was thinking that it was a great idea than Heather. However to her credit she said if you organize it I’m there. ( Thinking this will never happen) So after the purchase of a guide book and boots in XXXX XXX we were at the start. Southern France in the small town St Jean Pied de Port. Standing outside “Maison Donamaria” with the Pyrenees ahead. Six weeks and 800km with a combination of various blisters, missing toe nails, shin splints etc, we dragged ourselves into Santiago and completed the Camino Francis. After we got back to California it took only a short time to realize that we were destined to see if we could work out a way to spend a more significant portion of our time on the road. In simple terms we had kind of been bitten by the bug.  So few years later we have now completed 5 of them. The Le Puy ( Northern France) The Portugese ( Lisbon to Santiago ) The Norte (Coastal Spain) and the Primitivo. ( look it up).

Over those few years we have met some awesome friends, been to some incredible places and somehow just kept going. The world now seems like home more than returning for an extended time to anyone specific place. Home can be pretty much anywhere you can get a smile and a connection. How knows how long we will fell that way but while its working out we will run with it .

We have figured out that by using  apps such as “Airbnb”,”Skyscanner”, “Rome to Rio” and readingTrip-advisor forums properly would enable us to stay like a local and we could keep traveling for pretty much the same money as we spent at home.