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The Mint Man Morocco

Morocco is something like the second biggest tea market in the world after China. So huge that China is establishing a full Tea museum here, only the second in the world.

But the real speciality of Morocco is mint tea. Hot black tea flushed in the pot with stalks of really fresh green mint and huge quantities of cube sugar. Then poured super hot from on high into a small glass. It’s a sign of hospitality and friendship. Done well it’s exquisite.

As a result the Moroccans are very very picky about quality mint. Huge quantities are sold by guys like this below in all kinds locations. Kind of an institution. Some go door to door, others wander the busy lanes and others set up in markets. Each morning their cart is over full. Gone by evening with the very best picked over and dissipated early.

Herb men, from where we hail a truly lost profession, their cologne moving gently ahead of them on the breeze. Always cheerful, busy. Mint, Lavender, Sage others. Now at most we taste some mere illusory fragments as we open a packet. Who’s the poorer?

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