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Swimming Hole, Essaouira, Morocco

Does not take that much to keep boys happy. No matter where you are in the world. Just two simple things. Water and no parents. These guys were swimming in an enclosed area just at the entrance to the old fishing port of Essaouira. Having heaps of fun . If you get to Essaouira then you need to spend a bit of time at the port. Sure it has the smell that pervades an true port of its type but the chaos is worth just looking at taking in. Totally old school.

Trawler waiting to unload its catch. from the hold to the truck all by hand.
Trawlers come in to offload catch , gets repairs , refuel etc. The smell the chaos the intensity of this place is worth the trip here alone.


Part of the old fort that just sits off the port on a small island
The mix of old and new makes this place special








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