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Second coming in Koh Rong? 

  • Spending a week or so on Koh Rong on Cambodias southern coast. A truly great spot, one of those you would put on the “return” list. We took the ferry from Sihanoukville and landed at Koh Toch beach. This is probably best described as a kind of an advanced backpackers drop in center. Crazy spot. Has me thinking it’s a slightly tamer version of what Pacific whaling ports looked like in the 1840s. Probably a few more brothels and a harder crew in the latter. We Headed over to 4K beach by water taxi. I’m not 22 years old so truthfully 4K suits me way better. Much quieter, way way cleaner with crystal clear water and much bigger. Kind of what you imagine a Robinson Cruso beach to be like. Just bring a few treat provisions as limited shops over here. Perfect. Plus if you get the urge you can always walk to Koh Toch if you get bored in about 20 -25 minutes anyway. There are a few resorts scattered along the beach. They range from pretty basic to Long Set resort ( best wifi) which is just being substantially remodeled. We stayed basic. There are some great beach bar/Resturant’s run by locals. Just awesome home cooked food. You can truly taste the difference when forced to eat in a more commercial establishment vs real home cooking. I’ll do a seperate blog on our favorite tomorrow. Weather has been warm but we have watched some great thunderstorms blow through. Amazing cloud formations. Rained all night last night, nothing like the sound of rain on the tin roof.  Woke up to clear sky’s. Off to hit the water.

  1. Koh Toch beach
  2. Wharf at Koh Toch
    Got to love those colours

    4K beach. Long and pretty deserted.
    Beach resturant. Perfect real good spot.
    Great Sunsets even on this beach which does not face west.
    Second coming ???

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