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Capetown Bo-Kaap Musicians.

We had finally arrived at our Capetown apartment which was to be our home for the next 30 days in the Muslim enclave of Bo-Kaap. We settled down for what we thought was going to be a quiet night after a reasonably long trip from Rome. ( upgraded part of the way to so it was not too bad). As we settled on the bed I was vaguely aware that way in the distance I could hear what vaguely sounded like a few musical horns, Band Practice? The strain’s of music in the distance slowly became louder & louder. I could start hear a crowd gathering somewhere close. Hell we are here for 30 nights, have we picked the right spot ? Fifteen minutes later I looked out the apartment window onto the street outside. There was a sea of people dressed in costumes that looked that everyone had just been transported from New Orleans. The next 4 or 5 hours where just a crazy night. The laughter, music, the sheer simple fun that everyone was having was something that is hard to describe, it just has to be experienced.

Youtube Video Kaapse Klose musicians.  

Just a short video that pulls together a few great shots taken that night.

“Ethnography of the Kaapse Klopse carnival”. Dissertation; ¬†Johnathan A Gregory. Queens University Belfast.

If you really want to understand the history behind these local groups take the time to read Johnathans dissertation it was only completed in March 2018 so it is right up date. Very comprehensive.

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