The perfect lunch. Calpe Spain.

You know it was a memorable lunch when ( OK it was after a few bottles) you lie down for a perfectly acceptable siesta, fall asleep and wake up as bright as a button, only to then discover (after about 20 min) that the 7.30 showing on your watch is not the morning as you thought but still the previous evening. Worse is when this revelation only comes after you had spent some time looking at what you first assumed was spectacular sunrise which in fact turned out to be the sunset. My geographic direction finder was obviously scrambled.

Lunch was at a local family resturant here on the waterfront in Calpe ahh. First the Sardines, my favorite, were perfect. Crunchy drenched in local lemon. The Paella Valenciana ( chicken and rabbit) followed. The rice cooked to absolute perfection. Maria described it as “que no este’ pacado” now if my Spanish is correct. (Which is unlikely 😜😜😜.) Al la dente.That perfect separation of the rice, retaining that slight firmness you can almost taste. Lemon squeezed over the top again.

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